Park Lines

Quick little Skatepark clip in My hometown Courtenay, British Columbia Canada. Thanks Brett Box for filming and Ryan Smith and Leo Graceffo for editing


Quick Clip In Micky Papa's Thrasher Drive By

When Me and Micky were in California he had to handle some Bidness at Thrasher (Double Rock) Skatepark. Hyped I got to be a part of it!


My 2 brothers & the Onethirtythree Squad

My 2 brothers Kevin & Karl Wilson are never putting clips on the internet but when they do, they bust out the illest shit! Lets try motivating them to keep it coming. Other then those 2, my homiez from Vancouver Island are always killin it!



January Photo's

Heel Flip To Fakie Courtenay Ghetto Spot in the RAIN! Photo Brett Box

Kickflip Over Hydrant Comox British Columbia Photo Brett Box

Front Side 180 Comox BC Photo: Brett Box

My Brother KARL Wilson

Photo Brett Box

This Backside 180 Karl did only took a couple try's & he did it Multiple times. So tight Karl!
Photo Brett Box


Island Krew!

Quick little video my good friend EISEI (sugimoto) made of all the Island homie's.

Hope all YOU like it!


B-side Saturday #12

Quick clip of Me and 2 of my homie's Lucas Meggit & Eisei Sugimoto.
Made by Leo Graceffo!! B-side Saturday. Thanks http://www.you-got-that.blogspot.com/ & thanks Leo For counting me in this clip!


DrySpot , Vancouver BC

This is the Monke Skateboards indoor skatepark in Vancouver British Columbia.
Me and some homie's got clipps here!

Thanks Dan Pageau for filming.


2010 Santa Cruz

The locals at the skate shop had to give us the directions to this spot, It was a trip to get here, It was literally in the middle of a highway but off in the bush

Me and a couple homies did a 10 day trip to San Francisco, when we were there we thought of checking out the beautiful City of Santa Cruz! (2010)

Brett Box shot all these Photo's.



Raw Footage

-This is my new Australian footage I forgot all about, This footage is all RAW & unedited and not finished. I should have a all finished part coming anytime soon! I hope all you enjoi!

Thanks To Daniel Sweeney for this.


Check out my homies new blog/website!


Copy & Paste the link above.

This site is really well put together, You can tell this guy has some time on his hands! But it all came through well worth it.

Peep my lil section on his blog.

Thanks: Brett Box


10 Tricks

A short 1 minute , 10 trick clip

- Gold Coast in southport, QueensLand, AUSTRALIA.

- Couldn't of got the Footage without a Good Homie , Daniel Sweeney. thanks for filmin'!