DrySpot , Vancouver BC

This is the Monke Skateboards indoor skatepark in Vancouver British Columbia.
Me and some homie's got clipps here!

Thanks Dan Pageau for filming.


2010 Santa Cruz

The locals at the skate shop had to give us the directions to this spot, It was a trip to get here, It was literally in the middle of a highway but off in the bush

Me and a couple homies did a 10 day trip to San Francisco, when we were there we thought of checking out the beautiful City of Santa Cruz! (2010)

Brett Box shot all these Photo's.



Raw Footage

-This is my new Australian footage I forgot all about, This footage is all RAW & unedited and not finished. I should have a all finished part coming anytime soon! I hope all you enjoi!

Thanks To Daniel Sweeney for this.


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This site is really well put together, You can tell this guy has some time on his hands! But it all came through well worth it.

Peep my lil section on his blog.

Thanks: Brett Box


10 Tricks

A short 1 minute , 10 trick clip

- Gold Coast in southport, QueensLand, AUSTRALIA.

- Couldn't of got the Footage without a Good Homie , Daniel Sweeney. thanks for filmin'!


Kickflip to fakie in Brisbane Australia

This is a Kickflip to fakie on this bank in Brisbane.
The spot was not skateable so we had to touch it up with a bit of concrete,
I was tryin this trick for a couple minutes and it started dumpin down rain
Me and my friend Brett Box had to run from the spot too the car in this thunder storm, all of his camera gear got drenched and soo did we.
This photo was shot by Brett Box


Nollie Flip in Mudgeeraba Australia

 After skating the Nerang skate park today me and a good friend Brett Box decided to go for a roll through some street spots, this is a perfect kicker in Mudgeeraba park.

Nollie Bigspin Heel, Brisbane Cooparoo skatepark

This is a nollie bigspin heel over the hip in Brisbane Australia at the Cooparoo skatepark.

This park is so sick! The locals here are so rad and friendly, and the level of skating is next level.



This where I am living, Burleigh heads/Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. The Beach’s here are all soft sand and the water is as warm as a heated pool. These pictures of surfers were taken at Burleigh Heads, about a five minute walk away from home. Burleigh Heads is rad, and has good breakfast places, cafĂ©’s, surf shops, even a skateshop.


Skateboarding at Element Skate Shop Gold Coast Australia

Night session in front of the Element Skate Shop: Boardslide from the other side

Nollie Heel, Varsity lakes Gold Coast

Back Side Flip Ormeau Skate Park.


These Birds are native to Australia, spotted them at Pizzy skatepark.

Skateboarding Brisbane city Easter Night.

Heal Flip

In Australia #1 Nimbin Mardi Grass 2011

In 1973 a group of kids held a big hippie festival (Aquarius Festival) in the Nimbin Valley on the North coast of New South Wales.  Before the Hippies, the area was owned by Bundjalung, Nimbinjee and Whiyabul Aborigines.

The festival was to be 'a total, cultural experience for alternative lifestyles and hippies from all over Australia.

 It was an awesome time when people put up tents, camped, talked and tripped.

Most people left and returned to the cities and their regular jobs, a small number of gross, unhealthy hippies stayed.

Regardless to the hippies, Nimbin is a also a cool town because of the scenery and well worth the trip.  Nimbin is hidden amongst the hills and forest, the drive to Nimbin reminded me lots like home.