In Australia #1 Nimbin Mardi Grass 2011

In 1973 a group of kids held a big hippie festival (Aquarius Festival) in the Nimbin Valley on the North coast of New South Wales.  Before the Hippies, the area was owned by Bundjalung, Nimbinjee and Whiyabul Aborigines.

The festival was to be 'a total, cultural experience for alternative lifestyles and hippies from all over Australia.

 It was an awesome time when people put up tents, camped, talked and tripped.

Most people left and returned to the cities and their regular jobs, a small number of gross, unhealthy hippies stayed.

Regardless to the hippies, Nimbin is a also a cool town because of the scenery and well worth the trip.  Nimbin is hidden amongst the hills and forest, the drive to Nimbin reminded me lots like home. 

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